feeeling lousy

Here's another complaining message. First I will say that I have never really experienced the "typical" chemo super-sicklies, like what you think about when you think chemo, and I've tried an awful lot in the past two years or so. For the first time, I think chemo has managed to really dunk me under. The narcoleptic fatigue I had last week was annoying- like I would be sitting here at the computer, for example, and then wake up disoriented because I had unknowingly been snoozing sitting up (like how horses and cows sleep!) for who knows how long? And the screensaver on my computer would be going. When this fatigue is combined with nausea, well, what can I say but ick, ick? Then I just can't imagine doing anything at all! No reading, T.V., music. Everything is a huge awful over-stimulus for me. The worst part is my appetite is none. My parents ask me what I feel like eating and it is a headache even thinking of food. The smell of food takes me over the edge- especially sesame oil! But I looooooove to eat! The only thing I've really felt like eating is string cheese! Even swallowing pills makes me gag- or drinking water, for that matter. This morning I air-barfed several times. Then I sat up in my bed and stared for what seemed like all day.
I think my day of staring and feeling really sorry for myself is starting to let up. I can make a short list of things that I find somewhat appetizing, string cheese (of course), chicken Mcnuggets with honey (which I have not had in years), fizzy water with cranberry juice mixed in, spaetzle casserole from The Black Forest and, actually, the turkey pot pie my mom is making does smell really good. Notice the lack of vegetables in the above list. Not much color, either.


Nance said...

(Don't tell Nora, but I snuck a few veggies into the pot pie - green beans, carrots, asparagus.)

Poor girl. But I suppose into a life some Chicken McNuggets must fall. Every now and then. We had a lovely drive down the river yesterday to Pepin and then back up on the MN side. We were able to appease Nora's McNuggets craving in Red Wing. At least for a bit. String cheese is another story...

Jess said...

Blah, Nora. I hope you get some relief SOON! Perhaps you could eat while you mysteriously sleep sitting up. By the way, Chicken McNuggets fall into my life at least four times a year. Sometimes those pressed chicken bites dipped in sweet and sour goo just sounds perfect.

Dr Em said...

I was just gonna say, you could sneak some veggies in that pot pie! Hee.

I have to say, I used to fall asleep sitting up all the time while I was in grad school. It amazed my friends. I could fall asleep sitting at my computer in my cube, or sitting in class, and I managed to hold my pen as if I was taking notes, very strategic actually.

Anyway, I hope the sickies means that the chemo is doing its thing!!!