pampered people, pampered pets

Here is a picture of Auggie the cat after he had been stuck down in the basement. 

The other night as I was going to sleep in my bed, Auggie plomped down with me. He started purring by just being there- I didn't even pet him. He is very loud when he purrs, like an engine. We could both hear in the distance my mom scooping out his litter box. Auggie's lazy big head perked up from his paw rest and his ears stuck up wide to get a better listen. Then he rested his big head back down onto his paw rest and purred even louder. He was one satisfied cat. I love how pets know when they are being taken care of and they really love it and toast in it. I think it's alright for human's to be like pets- to let other human's take care of us and then bask it up, no regrets. Just appreciate it. 
The darn thing is us humans always think we have to return the favor- but you don't always have to. 
So much to think about!


Alicia said...

I love Auggie and I love YOU! You and Auggie are absolutely right. Sometimes you need to just lay back and get pampered. I got pretty pampered on my birthday. I got chocolate cake and champagne in bed on Saturna island! I was thinking of you. Then we played some Jenga. It was awesome. I felt so spoiled, but in a good way. I wish I were there to spoil you right now because you deserve it. Hey you know what I've been watching lately that makes me feel pretty great? Old sesame street skits from the 70's. It's a little juvenile I know, but there's one with Stevie Wonder, and honestly those puppets are sooooo funny. I am doing the menamena song for my music class so I've been doing some "research" by watching these old vids and man they make me smile (and usually erupt into fits of giggles) every time.

Mary Jo said...

The thing about taking care of someone, animal or human, that you love is that the doing of it is a joy and a pleasure, like a gift in a way. So the reciever is actually the giver.

Parker Opinion said...

I agree with Mary Jo. I always feel good about taking care of those I love. : )