There are big dogs,

There are big dogs,


Dr Em said...

holy crap! That dog is enormous. I like how the lady is wearing a Norwegian sweater :-P

Jane said...


Speaking of dogs, Fhina grew up today.

Let me explain: Since she was a puppy, whenever she is in the car and you turn on the windshield wipers she tries to capture and KILL them. Ask Uncle Bob Parker.

Sometimes she'll be climbing around in the way back of the CRV and we'll turn on the wipers and she catapults to the front windshield to protect us. So tonight, I took her with me to do errands in that monsoon, forgetting that it would be impossible to control her when I turned on the wipers. Sure enough, as soon as I turned them on, she threw herself at the windshield and cried out for the wipers to relent.

I commanded her to get on the floor under the dash, and talked to her reassuringly while I turned on the wipers only for a single swipe each time I could no longer see through the rain on the windshield.

After awhile, she put her head under the seat,in a show of amazing self control and maturity, and allowed me to run the wipers normally. I know she was terrified, but she got ahold of herself and stayed still, all the while hearing the swush, swush, swush on the windshield.

Let Fhina and me know when you need some face time with brave and mature corgi!

On another note, I was at your house today and saw the amazing rug you hooked. Holy smoke, it was gorgeous. You have a great talent, Nora. The colors, the textures, the design -- just beautiful. You're something.

Thanks for your blog. You rock,

Jane (until I come up with more interesting ID)