there are big, big bunnies.


Parker Opinion said...

Holy bunny! The little bunny is soooooo cute! I remember when my mom and I fed little orphaned baby bunnies at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center...apparently they are the only animal that can be literally, scared to death. : (

BevisMama said...

Big bunnies have BIG teeth. Once we saved a family of little bunnies from a deck demolition. We put them in a cozy nest in a cage on our porch and the kids fed them with eyedroppers. They were cute for about a week, and then the little monsters started leaping and biting the hands that fed them. (Cait may remember this.) The relationship that had begun with such lovingkindness ended on a sore note--several sore fingers, actually. Remembering my feelings at the time, I am sure this is why there are no wild bunnies cavorting in the gardens of Belgium. (Flemish Stew).