I never wanted this blog to be a chore, or a pain in the arse. No pressure and it will all come out and flow more freely. This all seems so easily said, but when you're exhausted and in pain and all the other little pings and pangs of discomfort (tickles in the throat, too cold, belly ache, itchy head) it's not easily done. I've let myself put it off for a long time now- I don't know how many days (or weeks?). To fill in briefly, I went to Durham, North Carolina about a week and a half ago to have my liver dumplings fried away at with tiny nano particles of radiation. They did their job and it went well- should just be lot's and lot's of dead tissue there now! I stayed in the hospital there for two nights and I didn't need to use that pain pump-thing they give you to administer morphine at one's leisure all but once. The nurses all called my "honey" and "sweet thang", as is their ingrained customary way down south. The hospital was uncomfortable and served horrible food, as is typical, but when I got out, it was all the more relieving. I was so hung over from drugs that I didn't feel like doing much in the charming little city of Durham- City of Medicine. My ever-so-patient dad spent time lolling about with me at the hotel. It was 94 degrees outside much of the time, so neither of us really felt like being outside anyway. But at one point, we did get into the rental car and cranked the air conditioning and drove around. My dad has my grandpa's GPS, so we were able to do this with no fear of getting lost. Both me and my dad would never have done this otherwise. So, we drove over to the old Duke University campus, which is beautiful. We also found an old bungalow neighborhood with very wide-trunked, wide-leaved trees arching over the residential streets. The bugs (many cicadas, I would assume) were ten times louder than I ever heard them at my lake cottage in Wisconsin. There were very few people on the sidewalk- TOO HOT! At one corner, however, the fire hydrant was spewing water out for some little girls with ruffle-bottom swim suits. They were trying to collect all the water in little sand buckets. After we had figured we had circled around every street in that neighborhood and were assured we hadn't missed out on viewing every single charming bungalow or magnolia tree, we decided to GPS ourselves and find us a place for some refreshment. You can GPS any common chain business and it will direct you to the nearest one. We GPSed CVS pharmacy and Dad got a cream soda and I got one of those vitamin waters. It was pink.
The following day was traveling home day. I had to borrow a wheelchair at the airport because I was too exhausted to walk. It was a real relief to be back home under my own sheets again.

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Hey Nora, where do you get those cute bunny pictures that live at the top of your blog?

See you Wednesday??