Going down South where they call me "Honey"

I'm headed off to Durham, North Carolina this morning. Just so you know. I'll be having an unusual procedure done at the hospital there. In my words, a radiologist will pierce a tiny hole in my groin and send a small catheter/tube up through an artery and into my liver. The tube will deliver tiny nano-particles into the liver vessels that feed the nasty tumors lurking in there like dumplings, and clog those feeding vessels up, up, up so the dumplings die, die, die. That takes care of that. What about my lungs? Any ideas there? According to the CT scans, I have galaxies of tumor speckles all over them. Couldn't I just take an x-acto blade and scrape them off? That sounds so good to me right now. ahhhhh. Well, we shall see what the chemical poisons they inject me with do. That, and my magenta juice and all the other vegetables I stuff myself with every day. Are there any tasty ways to eat cauliflower?


Opinion 2008 said...

That procedure sound so entertaining in your words! I'm glad the dumplings will die die die!


Jess said...

I happen to love cauliflower. A couple of my favorite ways to consume it? Raw with Cucumber Ranch Dressing (Kraft) as a dip, but the dressing may do you worse than if you'd left the cauliflower alone. I also like it steamed with chedder cheese sauce and it's great in curries with garbanzo beans (or, as I like to call them, Garbeanzo Banns).

DA Parker said...

Nano-exacto is what you need!

I like cauliflower roasted in the oven.

Dr Em said...

I like to steam cauliflower and then mash it up with a little bit of butter so it is like mashed potatoes, but healthier :)

Kick some cancer booty this weekend!!!!!!

Arlenna said...

I love cauliflower curry, too, and the mashed cauliflower idea. I like it most ways, but you do have to be careful about microwaving it--somehow that always makes it smell and taste like farts. You don't want fart juice in your lungs... or maybe it would snuff out the cancer cells?


Felicia said...

Hi Nora, it's Felicia Gagliardi from HS. I heard about your story from Majken, and I was so sad to hear the news. I'm glad to have found your blog so I can keep up with you though, I know you'll be able to kick its ass!

Margie said...

Dear Nora,
Ken and I are thinking of you and praying for you daily. We are sending you a big cyber-hug: HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!
You are a tough cookie, so hang in there, lady!

I am very interested in finding out how your Sir Spheres go, as I am in the same boat, lady! The Thalidomide I was on from Mexico wound up doubling the "dumplings" in size within 10 weeks! SO>>>>>on to Mitotane plus tons of supplements/aloe vera juice/greens drink/milk thistle tea/Pau d'Arco tea/flax oil/etc. which makes me gag, gag, gag! HA! I can't even look at cauliflower..good for you! I am eating more whole wheat carbs than anything...it is the only appealing thing any more. Should have a scan in another 3-4 weeks so will know how it is going.Your lung mets? There are theories that oxygen shrinks cancer mets...so perhaps it is a blessing in disguise? Perhaps they are shrinking in size just because of the oxygen? And my oncologist says they are slow-growing in the lungs...not helpful if you are out of breath, but perhaps not so urgent as the liver right now.

Anyway, sorry you are having such a rough time, but keep smiling and keep that positive attitude going. Visualize yourself as well....healed...and running down the street the way you want!

Margie & Ken

Chris said...

Aloo Gobi baby!!!
I think if you google it it'd be easier than me posting it.
Wishing your liver a "Hello!" and those tumors a "SO LONG!"...we're thinking 'bout you SNora love!

Matt said...

I hope the procedure goes well!

Alicia said...

Hello Nora babe. I also vote for aloo gobi and cheese sauce as the tastiest ways to eat cauliflower.

I am visualizing dead dumplings and sending you love love love.

You are a shining star to me.

natalie said...

Dear Nora Borealis, Dancing Lights of the North,
I hope those Southern doctors can get all civil-war on those DAMN DUMPLINGS. This time they'll win. DIE DUMPLINGS! DIE! Your body and mind are one tight unit, Nora, you can expel this pestilence from the Kingdom of Nora. I'm very proud of you, you're a continual wonder to me. I wish I lived closer. But, Im close in spirit. and what great comments from your legions of loved ones, too.
Love Nat