Big Lumox

I guess I've really checked myself out of my blog life lately. Lack of motivation, any sort of creative thought and especially eeennnnnnn-aaaaaaaarrrrr-gggeeeeeeee (energy) are the main culprits. I have been a big lumox. I never knew about the word "lumox" until I was a teenager. I remember learning this word clearly. It's a great thought to think back to. I was sitting on a fold-out beach chair at my cottage down by the lake. It was a weekend when my cousins and second cousins from next door were all out enjoying the hot sand and blue sky, the jet ski's out on the lake in constant hum-hum zzzzzz hum. Little blondie Doug, about six years old, his relation to me I'm not sure what it would be called (2nd cousin once removed or something or other) was busy busy playing in the sand with his buckets. He wanted his grandma to go swimming with him and kept bugging her to. She was, like me, completely luxuriating in the hot sun, eyes closed, no chatting. When she wouldn't leap right up and dive in the lake with little Doug, Doug said, "ohhh, Grandma, you big Lumox!"

Well, I still don't feel like saying anything about my past week. What is there to say? I've just been a big lumox myself, is all. And I guess I still am.


Dr Em said...

I remember that too! It was soooo funny! I also remember when Doug and Hannah were standing on the dock and called the dogs hippocrates because they were ruining some game.

Alicia said...

I remember seeing the word lummox in a raffi song and thinking he had just made it up. I think it's about a spider and goes something like this:

there's a spider on my stomach on my stomach,
there's a spider on my stomach on my stomach,
oh what a big old lummox that old spider on my stomach,
there's a spider on my stomach on my stomach.

there are other, more catchier lines to the song, there's a spider on my neck etc, but that is the only one I can ever remember...Why is it I wonder that a lummox is always must be old or big???