Ecstatically ECSTATIC!!!

Now I can really say, YES! REALLY (??!!???!!!????!!!!) Well, YES! It is! It is Good! My CT scan I had today is what I mean! I couldn't be more ecstatic, or, rapturous (which is another word for ecstatic, according to the thesaurus). This is what it is to be happy! The low down (or should I say the "high up"?) is that things are still all stable. This meanings really nothing has changed since September and that's four months. So the plan is to continue on with chemo, but we're adding a new one to the "cocktail" that has some potential to start shrinking stuff, or so thinks my oncologist. I don't know what to do with myself tonight. New episodes of "The Office" and "Thirty Rock" are on, but I feel I will be too distracted with happiness to keep my seat. I could work on my rug, but same thing, my rumpus will just want to jet off the couch. I guess I'll dance. Stevie Wonder would want me to dance, and so I think I'll dance to Stevie Wonder tonight. I won't be taping myself dancing to Stevie Wonder for YouTube or anything, but you can imagine it if you want.


Karen said...

wicked! Love ya...and yes shake your bootie babie!

kml56 said...

This is wonderful news. We are so happy for you. Dance the night away!

Love, Craig and Kathy

Ben said...

Hey! Emily and I (jessie) are looking at you on the couch right now! Ha! Congrats!