In an earlier post, I described a beet juice drink that I love. I said that it reminded me of Marimekko. But the two, beet juice and Marimekko, seem very out of context from one another. Let me explain my strange little headworks. Marimekko is a Finnish design company that made big headway in the 1960's with their bold prints used on textiles. They made and still make clothes, bedlinens, curtains, upholstries, etc. There is one print in particular which is very popular that has big bright magenta flowers all a-burst. Even when I think of the text spelling out "Marimekko" in my mind I think "magenta". So, beets-magenta-Marimekko.


BellowsDimond said...

i love your blog design nora nora beet girl!

natalie said...

marimekko designs get my saliva pumping because of the colours and the lush, inviting shapes and contrasts. maybe a marimekko snackbar in marimekko stores would stop me from sucking on their curtains. so, beets. you're a wonderful lateral thinker nora, the best in the west. and i send total empathy for your present respiratorially-induced house arrest, and big hopes that you'll get to leave those shackles behind and get well again. love nat