writer's block

Help me! Help me! Help me! 
This message will remain short because I really don't have much to say. That is why I am asking for advice, actually, to cure my writer's block. I want to write more, but can't seem to get started or feel any inspiration for it. Any pointers from all you writers out there? Please do tell!

*This entry is also a good excuse to show off this random bunny photo of a bunny with writer's block. 


Jess said...

Why don't you just write about what mundane or not-mundane things you've been doing. How about writing a list instead of a paragraph? I'll read it all!

Mary Jo said...

You could just bounce around and read other blogs. That might get your words in gear. When I was on Journal Space, I would do that and if nothing else it got my brain ticking.

Lynn said...

Hi Nora!
This comment is totally unrealted to your post- just a message to say I'm so glad my parents bumped into you and your family and I have a way to be in touch now! I have SO many memories of us playing as little kids and have been out of touch for too long! I'm sending you and email today!
your "blast from the past former barbie pal" Lynn Larsen

Dr Em said...

1) that bunny is awesome!! Where do you get those bunnies?

2) when I wrote the boring book that is my dissertation, what helped me was to get amped up on caffeine and listen to high energy music, like Madonna or music you would hear in a gay bar. I know it sounds weird, most people probably like quite for writing. For me, I need to get kind of hiaper and then make an outline, of course, and then type away!!!

XteenB said...

Go to Wikipedia and read random entries. Something there will trigger your mind. That's what I did at http://honey.delobi.us/.

Parker Opinion said...

I never know what to write in my blog, and after I write it I think..that was dumb. Your entries are always so funny/interesting/insightful....YOU CAN DO IT!

"Void, though, suggests a different remedy. I have found that when I get writer's void, when I stop writing-when I no longer know what the heck I'm talking about-the best thing to do is not to get away from it all, not to vacate language, but to get back to it. I dive into it, no matter how cold or murky it might be. I read. I just pick up whatever is handy, whether it's Cosmopolitan Magazine at the unisex salon or the Journal of the American Medical Association at the library (my wife's a nurse, and there are things I need to know). I read. Reading jump-starts my brain-an amazing organ that knows more than what I think I know and less than what I think I know all at the same time. I read a review of Iron Man; Robert Downey Jr. makes me think of drugs; drugs make me think nurse anesthesia; then I think of my wife; then she thinks I'm Iron Man. Brains don't need the wimpish coddling of the "block" metaphor; they need the piranha-like prodding of the void metaphor. Reading reminds me. reading re-MINDS me...And then I can write again."

rebecca said...

I listen to music and MPR and the lyrics and random talking invade my thoughts enough to go grab a pen.

JB aka JayBee said...

Write about the smells of spring coming in through windows, or about how each day is unique or about what gives you joy. Write about the difficulties and the setbacks and what you hope for. Write what comes out and don't try to protect anyone from your words.