texting and trespassing just don't mix

I've discovered a new T.V. show that I like and think is funny. The two main characters of the show are Bret and Jermaine. After watching a few episodes this afternoon, I took a sort nap and woke up feeling delirious, as expected. I lied there in my delirious state of mind and came up with my own "Flight of the Concords" scene. It's not all that funny, though.

Bret wakes up from a weekday afternoon nap completely delirious. He walks out into the apartment living room and there's a girl sitting on the couch grinning at him. She has braces. He says,
"Wha. Whaaat?"
The girl keeps on grinning in her kelly green polo shirt and short black cropped bobbed hair. She speaks but it is hard to understand because her accent is Korean. Either that or because she has a retainer that keeps flipping into view as she talks. But she keeps saying,
"Yeah. I was texting."
"Texting wha?" Bret responds.
"I was texting."
"And wha were you texting?"
She starts saying something about student housing, but then a tall dude wearing all white duds with a red rhino on his shirt and some gold chains walks in with his arm around his girl. 
"Yo man. We just here 'cause she trying to find us a place to stay, man. We just wanna make out, but them folks won't allow us at student housing."
So they heap up on a chair and start making out while Bret picks up his guitar and starts playing a song about trespassing and text messaging and how they don't mix. Then Jermaine appears wearing an orange dashiki and his hair is braided into corn rows. He sings back-up to Bret's song. 

Now remember. This was thought up at a time when I was more unconscious than conscious. It's not very funny, just very odd. 

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Parker Opinion said...

Hah, Nora I love Flight of the Conchords! Great scene! :D