This is Caitlin's new kitten, Henri. I feel partly responsible for him. What I mean is, Caitlin was over here last weekend and after the usual "How's it goin's" I asked her if she still wanted to get a kitten to keep Emma dog company. Caitlin looked suddenly a little sad, a little distant, and said, "Yeah . . . I can't afford a kitten right now though." Then she went downstairs for a bit and left me up in my room where I had to sit for a while to wait for my Niagra Falls bloody nose to let up (that's a different story, though). When Caitlin came back upstairs after eating a muffin, she said, "Well, I'm going to the Humane Society now . . . just to look." We know how hard it is to go to a Humane Society "just to look" at kittens. Especially when there is a kitten there like little Henri. He is an orange tabby, and they tend to be of the silliest company. Very loving to you, as a person receiving the love. And the purrs never stop. He purrs loud, loud I am told.
Now Emma has a new friend to follow around and be curious about. And it seems that Henri will warm up to her and they will be really good companions.


poodletail said...

Congratulations to you and to Henri. Everyone knows ginger cats are the friendliest and funniest.

Dr Em said...

Henri and Emma are sooooooo cute together!! Orange tabbies are the friendliest, most playful cats of all. Especially the boys. It's a good thing I didn't go with Cait or I would have tried to talk her into getting two cats.

poodletail said...

I know nothing about genetics but believe ginger cats are always male, just as calico are always female! Strange but true.