Good, no, GREAT news!

Oh how to say it? Usually bad news is hard to tell, but now I'm finding it hard to tell good, extraordinary news! I'll just say it! No need to get fancy! My dread of the past few weeks has come to an end. I am at a new turning point in this whole unpredictable, unFAIR situation. Okay, here it is, I'll just say it.
My scans were good! The tumors in my lungs are stable, so for once in my life, chemo is working! It is a miracle, really. This has never happened, and frankly, I really thought it never would considering all the different chemos I have tried (almost twenty, I think!). My doc says this is good, but he wants them to shrink! I say, ALRIGHT! Now I can rest assured that all this feeling like a sick lumox is worth it. On Thursday I'm going back into the clinic for a red blood cell transfusion so I won't feel so tired. Things are looking up! I strongly believe a big part of this miraculous news has been made possible by everyone's good wishes, prayers, and thoughts. Boy am I lucky for that.

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Alicia said...

I'm so happy to hear this wonderful news! YAAAAAAAYYYYY!!! I am sorry I didn't get a chance to talk to you on your bday Nornor, I tried texting your cell, but I guess that number is no longer yours, and I don't have your parent's digits. Anyways, I can still get updates via your lovely blog.